3 Myths About Creating and Selling Digital Products That Are Holding You Back!

In this article I want to go over the three biggest myths about creating and selling digital products that are holding you back and why these things don’t need to stop you from creating digital products for your audience!

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I became hooked on digital products even before I had my own. I was the graphic designer for a blogger and we made a workbook.

It was the first workbook I ever made and I made it in Canva. Her content was amazing and shortly after she launched this workbook she had already generated six figures in sales from it.

Something we made once and she sold it over and over. (As someone that used to sell handmade, personalized blankets on Etsy, this was a GAME-CHANGING concept to me)

Not only that, but she was changing lives! The testimonials she was getting would bring tears to anyone’s eyes (this was in the budget niche) and it was the most amazing thing ever.

When I stated Simplifying DIY Design I knew I wanted to go the product route and to do that I had to really, really know my audience.

I got really good at learning what they wanted and creating digital products. I even created the Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox which is a digital product creation system complete with templates for every step of the process.

Here’s what I learned are some of the biggest myths holding bloggers back from creating products:

“No one will want what I’m selling”

This is why knowing your audience is SO important. How do you get to know your audience? Ask them!

You can simply ask for a reply to an email (the welcome email is great for this) or you can send them a survey.

I’ve used surveys to help me actually map out my product and I’ve used them to help me with my marketing. When you literally create something for specific people, those people will want it!

I recommend getting to know the following details:

  • What they are struggling with
  • What they’ve tried before and why it didn’t work
  • Why it matters to them to have the problem solved

Even these three little things can make so much difference in the creation and marketing of your digital product!

Again, if you create something specific for your specific people then you should never have to wonder if anyone will want what you’re selling.

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“Selling is spammy and I don’t want to spam people”

Selling definitely doesn’t have to be spammy.

Here’s the thing, yes you make your digital product so you can make money (and that’s OK- everyone deserves the chance to provide for their families) but you also make your product to HELP your audience.

If you don’t put it out there then you will not help them and that’s actually a disservice.

I know it’s hard to actually ask people to give you their hard earned money but you earned it! Products take a lot of time and effort. I never really valued a digital product until I made one and then I realized why some are so pricey!

It’s time consuming and it doesn’t stop when you’re done creating it. It then becomes: answering questions, troubleshooting, customer service, and updating content.

If you have a Facebook group attached to your product then it’s even more ongoing.

You are providing value. You are providing a transformation and you deserve to get paid for it.

Besides, if someone is so inconvenienced by launch emails or a light mention of your product in a related blog post that they forget all of the FREE value you give them the rest of the time then they are definitely not your people.

As long as you always work to provide value above all else you never have to be spammy.

(and yes, launch emails are a GREAT place to provide value as you educate your people on why they might need your product

“I can’t afford a graphic designer to create the thing!”

I get it, I’ve been a graphic designer and I know what they charge. Not everyone can afford that especially when it comes to the first product since you may not be making an income yet from your blog that you can re-invest.

The thing is you don’t actually need to hire a graphic designer, you can create digital products yourself using simple design tools like Canva!

Don’t have Canva yet? Click here to get started! You can also check out my free Canva mini-course to help you start getting familiar with the program.

You can also use design templates if you want a professional jumping off point for your design. All you have to do is change the colors and fonts to match your brand and paste in your content. Super easy and even faster than starting from scratch!

Plus with design templates you can get the same professional look at a fraction of the cost, in fact my whole product creation system (which includes TONS of product design templates along with templates for everything else) costs a fourth of what I’ve been paid to create a simple workbook for a client.

Templates are the most cost-effective way to get a professional finish.

I even have a FREE ebook design template in my design library- yep, totally FREE!

Don’t let these things hold you back from creating a digital product!

I understand that anytime you put yourself out there it can be scary. I understand that it stings when you create a product and you put your blood, sweat and tears into it just for it to fall flat.

I’ve been there and done that.

But I also know how it feels to get heartfelt emails full of thanks and appreciation. I know how it feels to have people tell you that you’ve changed everything for them and that you’ve made their life easier and solved a problem for them.

It’s so, so worth it! If you haven’t created a digital product or you haven’t been successful with your digital product I don’t want you to hold yourself back! Start with your audience, ask them the questions I mentioned at the beginning of the article and go from there!

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